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Strategic Insights for Dentists

Saturday, April 13 2024

Strategic Insights for Dentists: Elevating Your Practice through Business Mastery

Workshop Description:

Unlock the secrets to maximizing the value of your dental practice by delving into crucial business strategies and financial management principles. Tailored for dentists seeking transformative insights, this workshop, led by a seasoned CEO and dental industry professional, will explore the intersection of marketing, treatment, and operations to propel your practice towards unprecedented growth.

Course Objectives:

  1. Mastering Financial Basics: Decoding EBITDA for Optimal Practice Value 
    • Delve into the intricacies of financial valuation, deciphering the journey from Sales Revenue to EBITDA and understanding the critical role of cash-flow accounting.
    • Uncover the key metrics that matter for your practice in the marketplace, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of economic value during transactions.
  2. DSO Business Benchmark: Scaling Your Practice with Modern Efficiency
    • Explore the impact of standardized business operations on your practice and discover essential elements for scalability in the era of advanced technology.
    • Gain valuable insights into the dynamics of Small to Large DSO businesses, equipping you to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence.
  3. Business Transformation Essentials: Integrating Market, Product, and Operations
    • Recognize the pivotal role of market dynamics, product innovation, and operational efficiency in driving business transformation.
    • Learn how to seamlessly apply these critical elements in your day-to-day practice, ensuring sustained growth both financially and clinically.
  4. Case Study Showcase: Realizing Practice Growth through Strategic Implementation
    • Engage in a detailed case study that showcases practical applications of the course principles.
    • Compare and contrast with average US dental practice statistics, providing a tangible framework for implementing transformative strategies in your own practice.

Join us for a comprehensive journey that goes beyond conventional dental practices, empowering you to elevate your practice to new heights through strategic business mastery.

Speaker: John Chung

John Chung, the driving force behind DIO USA Corporation, brings over a decade of global business expertise to the helm. Formerly with Samsung, he played a pivotal role in multiple 11 P&L growth initiatives, setting the stage for his transformative leadership at DIO.

As the Global CSO and current President & CEO of DIO USA, John orchestrated a remarkable business metamorphosis, achieving multiple 8 P&L growth milestones. His strategic vision forged key partnerships with Patterson Dental, Heartland Dental DSO, and 123 Dentist, with the acquisition of WhiteCap Institute further bolstering DIO’s market presence.

Under John’s guidance, DIO USA introduced DIOnavi, a revolutionary implant workflow solution, redefining industry standards. His adept business transformation strategies optimized supply chains and operations, positioning DIO as an industry leader.

John’s global reach extends beyond dentistry, establishing strategic partnerships with mining giants Barrick Gold, Anglogold Ashanti, and Goldfields. In a nutshell, John Chung’s leadership is synonymous with innovation, growth, and unwavering success, propelling DIO USA Corporation to new heights in the Digital Implant Total Workflow Solution sector.