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Jaw Surgery Revolution: Utilizing the latest digital technologies

Saturday, April 13 2024

Jaw Surgery Revolution: Utilizing the latest digital technologies

Workshop Description:

This course is tailored for oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, and dental professionals who aim to deepen their expertise in jaw surgery. It covers a wide range of advanced surgical techniques and procedures essential for treating various jaw-related disorders and deformities. Participants will explore the complexities of jaw surgery, including preoperative planning, intraoperative techniques, and postoperative care. The course will emphasize both functional and aesthetic aspects, offering a comprehensive understanding of the latest surgical approaches and technologies in the field.

Course Objectives:

1.    Comprehensive Understanding of Jaw Anatomy: Gain an in-depth understanding of the anatomy of the jaw and associated structures, crucial for successful surgical outcomes.

2.    Preoperative Evaluation and Planning: Learn to conduct thorough preoperative assessments, including medical history, imaging studies, and physical examination, to develop effective surgical plans.

3.    Interdisciplinary Approach: Learn the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with orthodontists, prosthodontists, and other dental specialists for comprehensive patient care.

4.    Case Studies Analysis: Review and discuss a variety of case studies, focusing on different surgical interventions, outcomes, and lessons learned.

5.    Latest Technologies and Innovations: Stay abreast of the latest technologies and innovations in jaw surgery, such as 3D printing, virtual surgical planning, and minimally invasive techniques.

Speaker: Dr. David Alfi

Dr. Alfi, originally from Los Angeles, California, attended Columbia University for dental school, where he developed a passion for oral surgery, radiology, anesthesia, diagnoses, medical management, dentistry, and surgery. After completing his residency, he joined Houston Methodist and Texas Children’s Hospital as an associate professor and full-scope surgeon. Driven by a commitment to research, innovation, patient care, and education, he later established his private practice. Dr. Alfi is dedicated to achieving excellent surgical outcomes, advancing the field through research, and ensuring patient comfort and satisfaction. Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to others’ well-being, he remains at the forefront of evolving techniques and technologies.